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Vw engine rebuild kit 1776

Please take a look at the list of quality products included in our performance rebuild engine kit: 1 AA Piston and cylinder set This kit contains only top quality parts giving you the best value.

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Please note we now use AA pistons in our kits. Tucson, AZ Chirco Reviews. See all reviews Write a review. Al Smith. Have purchased thousands of dollars of engine parts, brake parts, transaxle assembles and front end assembles.

Great place to purchase your VW components.

Engine Rebuild Kits

All of my parts were right on point. Were shipped to my to my delivery point. Can't go wrong with this business!!! Derrick Ian.

They have always had exactly what I have needed from my Baja, to my super, always willing to give advice, the staff knows their stuff, and they have a large stockpile of parts, the only place I get my VW parts. James Horner. Awesome place! They have everything for the old school VW! Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable!

David Taylor. These guys really know their stuff. Joe is very understanding and so are all of his staff. Highly recommended for anything to do with VW Bug parts! John Konieczny. Awesome service have all the parts you need. Jessika McCoy. They are so friendly and knowledgeable at Chirco! Definitely recommend for anyone who needs parts and great service. Scott Woodburn. These guys were great. Frank took almost two hours find the right parts I needed. Will definitely be going back for more parts and expertise.

These guys are great and very helpful! Prices are fair and parts are quality. The best place to get your VW repaired.This engine is a cc with our 42x The engine produced h-p rpm and ft lbs of torque at rpm. We built this engine for a customer in Fresno California, it is going into his Manx dune buggy. Search site:. Services Engines Support Features Contact. Features: 5. Features: Compression Panchito 's 40 x Features: Eagle Racing Camshaft 1.

Features: Panchito 's 40 x Features: The first trip for the car will be to her Senior Prom! Features: 84mm stroke x 94mm bore Eagle Racing Camshaft 1. Made Features: 82 VW Journal Crank 5. Features: 69 stroke x 92 bore Panchito s 40x Features: 84 stroke x 94 bore Panchito 's 40x Features: 84 stroke x 94 bore Panchito s 40x Features: 84 Stroke x 94 Bore 44 x Features: 82 x 94 44 x Features: 84 Stroke x The boost level was kept low because the car is very lightweight lbs.

We are also controlling boost through the Gen4 ECU. The customer, Anand Rajani did not want any holes drilled in the double cab to preserve it's original integrity.

For this reason, no external oil cooler would be used. Pat decided to use Nikasil cylinders for their increased heat dissipation. The Los Panchito head was used for their high port velocity. Torque was the main goal for this engine build due to how heavy the double cab is lbs. Features: 84mm Stroke Super Case shuffle pinned, bronze lifter bores, sand sealed, full flowed 5.

It will be used as a street car and road race car in Alaska.

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Features: 78 Stroke x 94 Bore 5. Once again, notice the extremely flat torque curve of the off road grind Eagle Racing Cam.

This is becoming one of my favorite grinds for applications requiring low and mid range torque. This cc engine is going into a Manx Buggy and should be a blast to drive. The cam is a new grind, that we have introduced as our Eagle Cam Browse by Category So then if you really want the best engine kit available, you need to ask yourself, what am I getting for the money? Why take chances with cheap junk and risk a motor coming apart to save a buck?

Unlike our competitors, we do not use China crankshafts and will only use China pistons if Mahle pistons are no longer available. We will still offer an optional Mahle upgrade when available but the selection is getting slim. We still use high quality German cranks and will always suggest Mahle pistons when available. Mahle has a proven track record for quality and has been used extreme performance applications successfully.

China pistons are not recommended in turbo and nitrous applications but will be fine in mild performance motors. Our cc machining required engine rebuild kits for VW Volkswagen include new Main bearings and camshaft are not included. Kits sold outright with no exchange. Choose your piston and cylinders.

Use the AA Upgrade to 69mm CW:. Wrist Pin Retainers. Piston Pin Keeper Options:. Camshaft Lifters. Camshaft Lifter Options:.

Performance VW Air Cooled Engine Re-Build Kit 1776cc 90.5 X 69 | PKG109

H Beam Connecting Rods. Upgrade to Forged H Beam Rods:. Choose an Oil Pump. Pushrod Tube Options. Upgrade to Stainless Pushrod Tubes Add Main Bearings. Main Bearing Options:. Add standard line bore main bearings 2. Chromoly Gland Nut. Upgrade to a Chromoly Gland Nut:. Related Products Stock engine crankshaft pulley bolt and pulley, generator nut and billet pulley cover for VW Volkswagen.Aluminum is less prone to damage and fatigue, but weigh 25lbs more, and run F hotter oil temps, than magnesium cases.

NOTE: Due to core supply availability, the crankshaft supplied can be. We will always provide the least cut crankshaft that is available at the time of order. We recommend ordering main and rod bearings at the same time as this kit, we will make sure the bearings match the crankshaft supplied!

Curil-K2 is the finest sealant we have found for case halves.

vw engine rebuild kit 1776

It NEVER hardens, so if you ever have to take it apart and reassemble, cleanup is as easy as a little alcohol or mineral spirits! We use it for case halves, generator stands, and oil pumps. This kit covers a variety of engines, and comes Silicone Pushrod Tube Seals! This kit has no flywheel seal. Net, Inc All rights reserved. Net, Inc. The use of VW, Volkswagen and any model names and numbers is for the sole purpose of description of parts application.

The use of these terms in no way denotes or infers a direct or indirect connection between Aircooled. Built with Volusion. Net VW Parts Store vwparts. VW Parts Catalog.

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Join Our Mailing List. VW Tech Articles. Gift Certificates. Net Inc. Please only contact us by PHONE if you are unable to email for some reason, or if your situation or tech question is complicated. If you are phoning for status of a backorder or order in process, you may receive your reply by EMAIL.

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Includes the engine case and cylinder heads! The actual power range of the engine will depend on the cam selected, as well as having matching carburetion and exhaust. We offer this kit with Hypereutectic Cast pistons, which are good to RPMs, or an upgrade option of Forged pistons for you guys that want to really pound on it!

Please read the kit contents carefully! There are no substitutions at this price for this kit! This kit is good to RPMs, if you valve train, heads, and exhaust are up for it! We offer this kit with Hypereutectic Cast pistons, which are good to RPMs, or an option of Forged pistons for you guys that want to really pound on it!

SCAT has put the components together in a hassle free kit for your convenience to speed up your order acquisition, in this Economical Engine Kit for the Budget Minded Enthusiast. This kit is good to RPM or hp, do not exceed either!Browse by Category This is an engine kit for Type 2 VW Volkswagen Bus with cc, cc or cc type 4 pancake motors in Bus and Vanagon.

This kit will not fit cc type 1 motors. This kit includes a rebuilt German crankshaft, rebuilt German connecting rods, rebuilt German camshaft, new lifters, new standard case main bearings, new rod bearings, new cam bearings, new gasket set, both new crankshaft seals and new pistons and cylinders with rings, wrist pins and clips.

All kits come with standard case main bearings 70mm or 2. I do have a limited supply of. Please check your case bore before ordering. When you see someone advertising new crank and rods, this usually means they are Chinese. We feel the original factory VW German crankshaft material is superior in quality.

New bearings brands will vary from Mahle, metal leve and Kolbenschmidt depending on availability. There is no return on the engine kit because you do not have a standard engine case main bearing bore, so please check before ordering. I have a very limited amount of main bearings. Pistons and cylinders are made from a reputable Chinese manufacture because Mahle has not made the 1. It is recommended that you run an additional oil cooler when using big bore kits.

You can bolt on a sandwich adapter to the oil filter. This lets you add an additional cooler and allows you keep the stock oil cooler in place. Both China and Mahle pistons are available for 2.

Kits sold outright with no exchange. Engine kit options. Related Products Replacement engine and motor parts, crankshaft rod bearings, camshafts, pushrods, lifters, pushrod tubes and seals, vavle adjustment screws, exhaust and intake valves, retainers and keepers, oil pumps and gaskets for VW Volkswagen.

Stock and performance flywheels for VW Volkswagen.The advice below is intended to help you build an as-economical-as-possible cc Aircooled VW Engine Combo. In it we outline a bare bones cc build that assumes you do NOT have unlimited funds or a big budget.

vw engine rebuild kit 1776

We provide details and recommendations for more expensive and complex combinations in our other Engine Combo articles. You can see all of our engine combos broken down at this Master List of Engine Combinations!

The second way we help you keep the purse strings tight is by not delving into the many available upgrade options that might tempt you to spend more than you really need to to get your VW on the road. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as you understand and agree with the goal of this engine combination. The cc No Machine VW Engine Combo, built on a budget, starts with the assumption that you will re-use your used engine case. The combo will work equally well in Single Port or Dual Port versions, and you can even run the stock carburetor if needed.

If you are not experienced on aircooled VW engines, you need to know this going in. You should consider the mm stroke engines as all in the same family, and mm as a different family.

Only This is the biggest stroke you can go with, with minimal case machining or other hassles. If you are on a super tight budget, you can re-use the stock connecting rods, but doing so will require more clearancing of the case than some other rod options. The next best connecting rod option is our 5. The slickest move you can do on rods is to use a rod we have had made just for THIS application!

1969 VW Bug Project - Episode 34 - Reassembling the 1776 Engine's Top End, Part I

This is split with 2. So one trick to put the piston close to the same place at TDC is to use a 5. So the 74mm crank and 5. We decided to fix this problem by having a 5. The net result of this is that you will wind up with an engine that assembles very close to stock!

This means no special work on push rods, cylinder tin, or exhaust system either! The 76mm stroke will get you to ccs. If you try to run the 76mm stroke with 5. Now you need new longer push rods. You will also need thicker more expensive cylinder base shims.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.


Email to a Friend. Be the first to review this product. Build a reliable stock plus engine on a budget! Our DriverPak engine kits give you all the top end parts you need to build a reliable cc to cc engine for your bus, bug, dune buggy or Type 3. Choose your piston kit Need to build a reliable engine on a budget?

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This is the top end kit for you! The Dune Buggy Warehouse DriverPak engine rebuild kit allows you to customize your daily driver or road tripper engine. We offer choices of pistons and cylinders including This gives you the ability to build a reliable cc, cc or cc engine.

vw engine rebuild kit 1776

Our pistons are cast and feature high quality ring sets. The cylinders are proven heavy duty cast iron. These sizes are ideal for a nice stock plus VW bug, bus, type 3 or dune buggy engine. Please note: Cost of This kit includes new pistons choose your sizestock replacement cylinder heads, stock steel pushrod tubes and a German Elring gasket set.

We offer a nice quality stock cylinder head with stock size steel valves. The valves are 35mm on the intake and 32mm on the exhaust side.

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This unit features all stock replacement components including italian steel valves. Combustion chambers are 53 cubic centimeters. They require stock style 14mm spark plugs part number or WR8AC. Our stock cylinder heads feature great air flow through the head for excellent cooling performance, especially around the exhaust ports.

Put your daily driver or road tripper engine together they way you want with our DriverPak engine kit! Let us know if you have questions about parts recommendations for your application. We can also help you with your bottom end rebuild if you need a recommendation for camshaft, bearings or hardware.

View Menu. S News. Quick Overview Build a reliable stock plus engine on a budget!

Scat VW Engine Rebuild Kits

Qty: Add to Cart. Details Need to build a reliable engine on a budget? All Rights Reserved.