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Ffxi chocobo quest

Make sure you have 4 grasses and are level Osker will tell you that you need the greens grass. Since you have the grass you are already prepared. The Chocobo will squeal and most likely not eat the grass.

When time is past not exactly trade the grass to the Chocobo again. It will reject this time as well. Once he begins eating feed him one grass each day. Once you have fed it all four of the greens you will get your license! Chocobos are rented. You can't ride a Chocobo in town or in a dungeon.

You can't fight or use most abilities while on a Chocobo. You can't heal, trade, or log out while on a Chocobo.

Final Fantasy XIV – How to Unlock Chocobo Mount, Where to Unlock My Little Chocobo

Chocobos get tired if you ride them to long and will knock you off. Your Chocobo can dig for it's food as well as items. Digging requires 1 Gyashl Green so use them wisely. When you attempt to dig be sure you are in a soft area such as sand or dirt, hard packed ground is no good. If you are in the right places your Chocobo may even find an item! The items your chocobo finds is based upon the area, if you are near water you are likely to find a water item; if you are near the desert you may find an earth item.

Last Edited: 11 Oct am. Things you should know: Chocobos are rented. Was this guide helpful? YES NO.

Chocobo's Wounds

In This Wiki Guide. Summary: Squaresoft's legendary RPG series embarks on a new adventure where players from around the world join forces in a persistent online quest. Franchises: Final Fantasy. Genres: RPG. Developers: Square Enix. Release Date: October 28, Table of Contents.Filter which items are to be displayed below. News News.

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ffxi chocobo quest

Customer Service. Mog Station. You have no connection with this character. Follower Requests. How to get your Chocobo to fight! I wrote this simply because it has changed since beta, and I looked for hours before I could find the answer, until I actually just stumbled on it in game. In order to use your chocobo in combat as a pet, you must first be level 30 and have completed the chocobo unlock quest for your Grand Company. After this travel to Camp Tranquil in the southwest part of the South Shroud.

FFXIV Chocobo Colour Calculator

The quest asks you to travel to another zone in order to help some dude at his stables with his chocobos. Honestly don't remember NPC's names or the zone he sends you to. You go there and do the first part of the quest where you collect some gysahl greens from nearby and bring them to him.

Boom, chocobo barding is unlocked and you can now summon your chocobo for combat. Your chocobo can only be summoned by using gysahl greens can be bought in every major city. The U'ldah vendor I know is right outside of the adventurers guild for greens.

When summoned for combat, you cannot ride your chocobo unless you send it away first. Your chocobo levels and gains skill points to be used in the character page! This is an amazing feature and you can summon your choco even at level 1 on other classes! Enjoy :. Likes: 4 Likes: 0. Sort by oldest Sort by most recent comment. I know this is threadomancy, but I just want to note.

I believe that was released in one of the pre 2. Otherwise great and accurate guide. I actually had to use it to remember, myself. Actually you can get and ride a chocobo before lvl 30 the quest is lvl 20 and the things I had to fight to get deals was lvl 25 so I currently have one at lvl I have heard way to many times that you have to be lvl 30 to get your first mount and that is false.Chocobos are one of the faster forms of transportation in Final Fantasy XI.

In the past, the Elvaan primarily used chocobos as mounts and general labor, but chocobos have now been raised all over the world and are a popular form of transportation. Great skill is required to ride them due to their wild nature.

These birds are very fond of Gysahl Greens. When given a Gysahl Green a chocobo will be able to dig for buried items. Although chocobos do love the greens, when they are housed in the stables they eat San d'Orian Carrots for their high nutritional value and Cupid Worms to build strong bones and muscles.

To rent a chocobo from one of the stables the player must obtain a Chocobo License and pay a fee based on the player's level and the number of recently rented chocobos. The license, issued to certified Chocobo Riders, have a qualification lasting until the end of time and allows players level 20 and above to rent from any city of Chocogal with a base riding limit of 30 minutes.

Players level may only rent from stables in San d'Oria, Bastok or Windurst and only ride for 15 minutes. In addition the Chocobo will not receive equipment bonuses. To obtain a license, the player must talk to Brutus in Jeuno and begin the "Chocobo Wounds" quest, where the player must nurse a sick chocobo back to health. The player will receive the title "Chocobo Trainer" and a license to ride chocobos upon completion of the quest.

A species native to the La Theine Plateauthe wild chocobos were once seen racing across the plains in great numbers. However, more and more chocobos were captured and domesticated by the people of Vana'diel for utility purposes. A truly wild chocobo is now a rare sight to behold. The Elvaan had originally raised chocobos for use in farming, hunting, and general labor since before recorded history, but once the practice of riding bareback was 'civilized' with the invention of reins and saddles, the number of people using chocobo mounts suddenly increased.

Merchants then preferred to use chocobos for long, overland journeys and the military adopted the creatures for use in highly mobile cavalry units.

ffxi chocobo quest

An example of their peak in military use was in the combat class known as Chocobo Knights ; specialized knights riding armored chocobo, unique to the Kingdom of San d'Oria in the Crystal War. Today they are raised by the Vana'diel Chocobo Societywho oversee their care and dispatch them to chocobo stables throughout Vana'diel.

People have even begun selective breeding programs involving the species. Recently, Chocobo Racing, previously held at a local level, has been elevated to the world stage, garnering unprecedented attention.

These knightly mounts were bred in San d'Oria. They underwent training that allowed them to bear the weight of heavy armor and withstand the shock of cavalry charges. Destriers were characterized by their large, jet-black bodies and thick, powerful legs.

With the decline of lance combat and improvements to ranged weaponry, Destriers lost their place in battle to the faster Courser chocobos. In the time of Final Fantasy XI there are no remaining purebred Destriers, but it is possible to see their proud bloodlines occasionally reemerge in the birth of rare, black chocobos. With its huge population of adventurers, Jeuno boasts more frequent use of chocobos than any other nation.

The main type of chocobo to be found in the duchy is the mid-sized Rounsey. The pride of the famous trainer Brutus and his family, the Rounsey is the result of a lengthy breeding program involving wild chocobos.

ffxi chocobo quest

This program has produced a robust mount of somewhat unpredictable temperament that is suited for long, punishing treks. The mid-sized Palfreys were bred to withstand the searing air and blazing heat of the desert. They are mainly raised in the Republic of Bastok and on Zepwell Island. With a relatively gentle demeanor, these chocobos are suited for those who lack advanced riding skills. Palfreys are known to come in both blue and yellow.Final Fantasy XIV has introduced new features over its lifespan, some as part of full expansions and others as continuous regular updates.

This even includes plans of revamping the main storyline quest. To ease quest difficulty and grinding, it would be a good idea to bring along a Chocobo Companion into battle. Chocobo Companions can act almost like an extra party member, with abilities to tank, heal, and deal damage.

As they assist in slaying monsters, they will earn their own EXP and access to new powers. Best yet, players that own city lodging can passively train their Chocobo during downtime or even while asleep. There are three different quests, depending on your current Grand Company:. During the quest, you will need to acquire Gysahl Greenswhich are sold by most merchants in settlements and near town Aetherytes.

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After the quest is completed, consuming a Gysahl Green while in the field will summon your Chocobo for one hour.

This timer is paused while mounted, in a city, attempting instanced content, or logged out. As soon as the timer ends, your Chocobo will leave but may instantly return with another Gysahl Green.

Your Chocobo will always be at the same level as you, even if you are currently level synced. If you are in a party, all eight members can each use their own personal Chocobo. Chocobos will gain EXP when you kill monsters around your job level on the field, which can be useful if you are already doing field content like Fates or Beast Tribe quests.

If you or your Free Company own property like an apartment or estate, then you will likely have access to a Chocobo stable. You can then corral your Chocobo in the stable and feed it every hour to gain some EXP.

ffxi chocobo quest

Best yet, other players can feed your Chocobo when you are busy or offline. If your Chocobo eats enough of the same feed while stabled, they can gain a bonus when eating it in the field as follows:. It is important that someone keeps the stable tidy; an unclean stable will incur an EXP penalty during feeding. Also, be sure to release your Chocobo after it is fed, as it cannot be summoned on the field if currently stabled.

The initial max rank of your Chocobo is 10 but can be raised 1 rank to a maximum of 20 by feeding them a Thavnairian Onion note that they will gain zero EXP until their rank limit is raised.

Additional onions can be earned by gardening in your apartment or estate, mostly from crossbreeding other seeds and plants along with some luck.

This also means that other gardeners will likely be selling Thavnairian Onions on the Market Boards for extremely high premiums. Check the boards on your server for the current best price, and keep in mind you can avoid market fees by buying directly at the city where the retainer is selling. From rank you will gain SP equal to that rank, give 10 SP, while add an additional 1 over the previous level 11, 12, 13, 14 for a grand total of SP.

The Attacker tree will turn your Chocobo into a DPS, making them valuable for defeating touch enemies. This tree also enables bonus Strength and Attack Speed over the other two. Learning all Attacker skills will also unlock Dragoon barding for your companion to wear. The tree also gives a bonus Mind and HP.

Learning all skills will unlock White Mage barding. You should only place spare points in this tree after making better investments in Attacker and Healer. The Defender tree also gives more bonus Strength and HP. Completing the whole tree awards Paladin style barding. It may take weeks or months to fully reach max rank, but once your Chocobo is powered up it will make many quests, Fates, and other open-world content much more safe and easy. You may be able to win fights above your current level, or solo treasure hunts designed for full parties.

Kurtis Seid has been covering the game industry for over a decade.Travelling by Chocobo beats walking any day. Before you ask — the Chocobo combat skills suck. For the purposes of travel, Level 9 Chocobo seems to be enough. Trust me, just summon your Chocobo instead of walking. Wiz Chocobo sidequests rewards, and are they worth it? Long story short, yes. Sylkis Greens are that good. Aside from the unlocking quest with the one-eyed Behemoth, these quests are pretty straightforward and require no guidance.

Colors are unlocked via the Wiz Chocobo Questline, as well as hidden as drops in the world. Check back soon. Damn notes…. How to beat Iris in Chocobo Races!?

You should overtake her by the final turn and barely win in most cases.

My Little Chocobo

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Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Team BRG. Share on Facebook. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Popular Posts. Diablo 3 Season 21 Start Guide! July 2, D3 Guide Directory July 2, D3 Barbarian Leveling Guide S21 2. The Division Incursion Preparation April 12, Latest article. TeamBRG - July 2, Season 21 Starter Guide! When does S21 start?Alternatively you can if you have the allowance perform Grand Company Levequests which become available once you have joined a Grand Company.

These Levequests can be found at the following:. This too requires some steps to access this particular feature. Once you have completed this quest you will require a particular item to summon your Chocobo into combat:. Now you have a handy Companion to assist you in your adventures. Your Chocobo can still be used as a mount when it is in combat and has a limited use 30 minutes real time before you have to re-summon him with more Gysahl Greens.

The Gysahl Greens can be purchased from vendors in each City.

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You will notice that as you fight and kill enemies with your Chocobo in your Party that the Chocobo will also gain EXP. Here is a more detailed summary of the Companion System and how it works in a very useful video from mrhappy:. And that is it for this time. Remember to leave and questions or feedback in the comment section below.


Onion Knight has you covered! You can read more game guides here. You must be logged in to post a comment. How Do Summon My Chocobo!? The Chocobo Whistle is finally yours! Buy Gysahl from vendors in any city. February 28, Previous Post.

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